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Kaspersky and the new Trojan.Tooso.K virus

Aug 11 05 10:53 pm


I have received copies of this virus, it comes as an attachment called legs.zip or kitten.zip.

Kaspersky has let the email through but if I use Kaspersky to scan the .msg file in the sent folder it recognises the file as infected.

Could the virus be defeating or corrupting Kaspersky?



Aug 12 05 1:21 pm

Hi Pete,

When was your KAV database last updated? It seems a bit odd that it picks it up fine in a scan but not in the email stream. Can you test the email with the eicar virus and make sure that KAV is scanning your emails?

Aug 12 05 9:36 pm

Hi Matt,

It is strange, The KAV virus definitions are updated at 5:00am and 12:00 noon GMT. I suspect it might be an issue of the virus getting through before it's signature was included in the definitions, especially as Symantec (Norton) only reported the virus discovered on the day this issue occured.

I am however concerned that my Kaspersky plugin may be corrupted in some way. Could you briefly explain the best proceedure for re-installing it.

Many thanks


Aug 17 05 2:58 pm

Hi Pete,

You can just uninstall it from the start menu and reinstall it from the download package.

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