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Forum for support for the Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate plugin
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May 31 08 9:37 am

I apologize in advance for starting this thread, but I've search all forums and cannot determine if Kaspersky blocks spyware. Does it?

Thanks in adance, TK>

Re: Spyware

Jun 03 08 11:17 pm

Yes it does.The version of KAV that the KAV for WinGate plugin is based on uses two definition databases. A standard one that checks for typical viruses and trojans, and an extended database that checks for spyware, riskware, pornware, and other risky applications. The extended database is optional and does not need to be enabled.

Re: Spyware

Jun 21 08 5:49 pm

Oh, another question then.

The extended database... is it enable by default or do we have to do something?

Re: Spyware

Jun 23 08 4:30 pm

The extended database is checked by default during installation, so if you did not un-check the extended database option, it should be enabled.

You can check if the extended database is enabled from the update servers section of the KAV plugin properties. The update sites should have _ext appended on the end of them if the extended database is enabled.

Re: Spyware

Jun 26 08 5:55 pm

OK Thanks.

I'm now wondering if the spyware is actually being blocked as there never seems to be any confirmation messages about it. And I know that we are being hit with spyware everyday.

Is there anywhere I can look to see how many spyware hits are being blocked?

- Al

Re: Spyware

Jul 21 09 11:25 pm

Hi tkershenbaum..
You don't need to apologize because i also have confuse like you..
But after reading your reply i am being satisfied with kaspersky..
Thanks for such a wonderful guideline...
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