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Forum for support for the Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate plugin
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Internal error 2721 Kill_Gatekeeper

Jun 03 08 10:04 pm

Hello. My Kaspersky Labs licence as expired and i used the 30 day trial allready. I allreddy serached the foruns and dont find anyting on the subjet above. anyway..my system is secure because kaspersky only find out 2 ou 3 treeraths a month and small treats so i decided to unisntall it and maybe invest on net patrol..i allready have the pure sight plugin and the proxy inspector for wingate also. but it doesnt work. a window appears with the error above 2721 and i cant unnistal kaspersky. what should i do?


Re: Internal error 2721 Kill_Gatekeeper

Jun 09 08 9:59 pm

Well..you guys used to answer me so fast and now..you ignore me..i'am i on some kind of "black list"? (or if was it something i said in the past..so i'am sorry ok?) or the problem is really diffucult to solve? anyway this time i dont think it is the panda antivirus like my post some time ago about the samer error wen i first installed the kaspersky..anyway..can u tell me if i can do this:
Save the registry, uninstall ALL...wingate...pure sight...kaspersky...then install aal again except kaspersky and then load the registry?
will this wirk or is a BAD ideia?


Re: Internal error 2721 Kill_Gatekeeper

Jun 10 08 4:51 pm

Can you try stopping the WinGate engine before uninstalling KAV please?

Although I'm no programmer and do not know any information about the error message you are receiving, it sounds like the KAV uninstaller might be trying but failing to close GateKeeper connections. If the WinGate engine is stopped before you uninstall KAV, the uninstaller shouldn't need to do this.

Re: Internal error 2721 Kill_Gatekeeper

Jun 11 08 9:20 am

Before anything else: THANKS VERY MUCH Logan for trying to help me. it seems I have the plague..
In seconde place: Iam a good custumer for many years and had ALWAYS received good help here until until i called mister bush ignorante and some americans. After all many people here that helps is American eh eh eh so iam dead. anyway I apologise..there are many americans with external culture.
So..........moving on..it doesnt work. I also deactivated Panda antivirus on the scan wingate folder..or maybe it acts on the unistall process only......well..ill try to unistall panda completely..
The PROBLEM is that Wingate is installed on a server 2003 the 2º server on my domain...and the antivirus is from the enterprise admin that is installed on another server 2003 that is the domain controler and exchange..etc..and i must unistall it from there...and iammaking all this remotely on a modem connection..so..iam really worried..if something goes wrong there will be 80 people pissed at me. Its a Government Enterprise so i must be carefull :(
maybe its time for me to think about some other solution in the future..maybe isa server :S
So i do this: unistall panda remotely from the web admin console.
disconect wingate and unistall kaspersky
if dont work unistall wingate completely...but only wen i go there in the flesh (an ass) :D
1 more thing: About the registry bacup and unistall\install wingate could you or some friend of yours (american maybe.......:) BE 100% SURE it will work? for me its an interresting solution...
Thanks again Logan God bless you*
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