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How can I limit the number of kavss.exes

Feb 19 09 5:31 pm

Wingate is running on a 1 cpu (single core) computer and by default 2 kavss.exe are loaded and running. I'd like to have only 1 kavss.exe running. How can I force Wingate to only launch 1?


Re: How can I limit the number of kavss.exes

Feb 19 09 10:52 pm

Hi Steve

I think you can set it lower than 2. The registry key to set the number of engines is at

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Qbik Software\WinGate\Data Scanning Plugins\Installed\Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate

the value name is "Engines" If it doesn't exist, it defaults to 2. It's a REG_DWORD. If it's not there, create the value and set it to how many engines you want.

Bear in mind, that this affects the number of things that can be scanned at any one time. 2 we consider the bare minimum. If you knock it down to 1, then when anything big is being scanned, then nothing else can be scanned at the same time, so all web sessions and email etc will be blocked waiting for the scan job to finish.

So I can't really recommend knocking it back to 1.

I presume this is precipitated by the recent advances in memory consumption?

Re: How can I limit the number of kavss.exes

Feb 19 09 11:08 pm

there's actually another value in there I just found.


It's not certain what this does, since the documentation from KL in their SDK for this particular parameter is the worst english I've ever seen.

The size of turn of objects of scanning. If the zero value is transferred, the bases will be loaded from a folder by default. If this parameter equal zero, the anti-virus databases will be loaded from a folder given in this parameter by this or SetQueueLen by function up to it. In a case if this parameter still never was transferred distinct from zero and the zero value is transferred, the value by default will be used.

What I take this to mean is the number of scan jobs that can be allowed in a single engine's queue. It's not clear what happens if this value is not zero, but it's there if you get desperate. I must get someone in the testlab to see if it makes any noticeable difference to job blocking. It may just bounce jobs that go over the queue length, which wouldn't be very useful.

Re: How can I limit the number of kavss.exes

Feb 20 09 6:15 pm

I set the Engines keyvalue to 1. Now I only have 1 kavss.exe. It still consumes 110 MB, but at least there is only one of them. Can't tell if my performance is better or worse. I'll run with 1 for a week or so to see what happens. I also set Queues to 16, but didn't see any difference, so I set it back to 0.

Now that I only have 1 kavss.exe its VMSize is 110 MB and its Mem Usage is 100 MB. When I had two kavss.exe both their Mem Usage were only about 30 MB. If kavss.exe really needs the entire database in memory, at least now it is. If it really only needs 30 MB in memory then possibly performance will be better with 2 kavss.exe.
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