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License and update issues

May 29 09 2:19 pm

Starting about a month ago, every few days Kaspersky delivers a system message saying that the license has expired. I learned that simply restarting the Wingate engine would make it at least appear that Kaspersky was back on the job and let it go as a minor nuisance.

At the moment I got the message anew after restarting Wingate, but note that, after closing Gatekeeper and returning to it a few minutes later to fetch numbers for this message, the message is gone and Kaspersky says "Status: Ready".

I also have a live-with-it problem where Kaspersky sometimes reports that its daily update didn't complete successfully, and in fact that's been the situation for several days. Usually I go to the scheduler and say "do it now" and after five or ten minutes I get a "completed successfully" but that hasn't happened recently. Despite nothing but failures Kaspersky says "Last updated: (today's date)"

Along with all that I accidentally visited a malicious site last weekend; Kaspersky did indeed log and quarantine several viruses, but let enough through to give me a nice clean-up chore.

Engine version is; Wingate is 6.2.2. I'm still running NT4AS.

Re: License and update issues

May 29 09 6:30 pm


have you checked if you need a new Kaspersky labs license key?

go to

http://www.wingate.com/download/kaspers ... wnload.php

and follow the instructions for the "Updated Kaspersky Labs license key"



Re: License and update issues

Jun 01 09 9:14 am

Did that per your suggestion. A few days later i.e. today Kaspersky proudly announced that its license is invalid and it's not going to protect me from the evils of the Internet. And of course the every-few-days "update could not be completed" continues.

Amusingly - since I've pretty much given up on this and might as well laugh - despite the update not completing, the 'last updated' keeps advancing, and the number of viruses its (not) protecting me from keeps increasing.

And despite announcing today that its license is invalid, the plug-in pane says "ready".

Re: License and update issues

Jun 01 09 7:14 pm


Have you looked into the log file to see if it indicates any problems? It logs to a file in the folder

WinGate\Logs\Kaspersky AntiVirus

You may need to enable debug logging in Kaspersky AV for WinGate to see what's going on. We haven't had any other reports like this, we do occasionally get problems updating, which we've only been able to put down to temp issues with their update servers so far.



Re: License and update issues

Jun 02 09 5:14 pm

I don’t have the license expiring issue that PoorJohn has, but I do have the live-with-it problem where KAV’s daily update fails. I’m probably the one you are thinking of when you say that you’ve been able to “put them down as temp issues with their update server”, as I’ve reported this issue in the past and as far as I can tell I’m the only other person to report this issue.

I’ve had the problem of KAV not updating for many years. I’ll reboot Wingate and KAV will successfully update for a few days or so, then it stops and won’t automatically update again until I reboot WG. I’m certain it is not a simple issue that the KAV update servers are temporarily down. It seems that for whatever reasons an update fails, and then WG gets into a state that all future updates fail. When in that state WG’s system message window shows “Data file update could not be completed.”, and the KAV plug-in’s last updated date does not change. E.g. right now it shows May 24th, yet it is scheduled to update daily, so it hasn’t updated in about 1 week.

Using “Do it now” on WG’s scheduler never, for me, updates KAV. The only things that work for me is to stop, then restart WG or use the KAV for WinGate Updater from the Window’s Start | Programs | Wingate | Plugins | Kaspersky Antivirus | Kaspersky Antivirus Updater.

The wingate\plugins\kaspersky antivirus\bases sub-dir’s most recent files are May 24, but
wingate\plugins\kaspersky antivirus\download has files from June 1 (today) as I used WG’s scheduler’s Do Now in an unsuccessful attempt to update AV definitions. But still the KAV plug-in shows a last updated date of May 24. Ironically, Bases and Downloads seem to have many similar files…well over 1000 in each. I wonder if I’m supposed to have two similar sub-dirs and if that isn’t my problem.

Regarding KAV detecting viruses—KAV probably detects and stops about half of all viruses that I get. My family and I don’t seem to get many viruses…just lucky I guess. KAV probably detects and stops about 10 viruses a year and about 10 a year get through and are detected and stopped by my client computer’s AV.

Once thing I can say is that the updates_ext servers, the ones that are supposed download AV definitions that also detect spyware, do absolutely nothing. KAV has never detected and stopped any spyware.

WG 6.6.0
KAV 2.0.1

Re: License and update issues

Jun 03 09 2:31 pm

Saubrey, what OS are you running? My server is still NT4AS with SP6A, which certainly puts me in a minority, and the behavior is somewhat different from yours.

One interesting point that Adrien didn't respond to is that despite "invalid license" the plug-in still says "Ready" and despite delivering its "Update was unsuccessful" the files have new dates and the number of viruses increase.

Another nit that I've mentioned before is that KAV has "unexpected failures" scanning certain files. A half-dozen files from Apple (probably automatic updates to iTunes?) are regularly thus trapped, as well as miscellaneous others, as well as the odd email.

The most bothersome thing is, of course, that KAV does indeed miss viruses (under some set of circumstances?). There's at least one post in this forum from an intelligent-sounding commercial user who reported significant failures, and I've encountered a few myself. I think I'd be in worse trouble if I wasn't careful about where I went fishing - I accidentally stumbled onto an evil site a week ago and spent several hours recovering, no thanks to Kaspersky. Be sure to keep your Bart PE handy.

On the surface, an enterprise-configured AV program for under USD100 for three users can't be beat, but I'd give twice that in a flash if it were AVG.

Re the log suggestion. I haven't looked recently but will do so. Nothing obvious previously.

Another oddity: at the moment there are 4 instances of kavss.exe in the task list, instead of the usual two.

Re: License and update issues

Jun 04 09 4:18 am

I have Win2k Adv Server sp4

Re: License and update issues

Jun 10 09 5:41 am

well guys you are not alone. I've reported the 'failing to update' issue in the past. what I notice is that it seems to have to do with traffic volume. The solution I used was to stop wingate, restart, stop again, restart, then manually update. this worked and then it went ok. since my son has gone off to uni the traffic volume has dropped and it takes longer for the system message to appear. interestingly the latest kav problem is that i get a message saying its blocked an incoming mail -mostly from sources i can say wouldn't include virusses- . i can find no message in wingate saying its quarentined anything, the mail is just gone. what i do find is that at those time kav is eating up all memory and unfortunately a reboot is then the only solution to the whole affair. its a small price to pay for updating wingate for years. it seems there is a bug somewhere in the registry settings but no one seems sure where it is. apart from that everything works fine and secondary protection by using stand alone versions of kaspersky on the pc's in the network acts as a secondary protection. would be nice though for qbik to come up with some kind of solution at some stage

Re: License and update issues

Jul 06 09 5:06 am

Once every week or two kaspersky decides in the course of its nightly update that its license is not valid and service will not be available. But if I look at the plugins/kaspersky general pane, kaspersky says "Ready".

Out of curiosity, which is correct? Is kaspersky not providing service, or is he ready and willing?

Re: License and update issues

Aug 15 09 8:36 pm


No, you are not alone.
I have two Wingates running on W2k/XP at two locations, I keep them updated so am on the current version, 6 6 3.
KAV has, in my experience, been very variable for several years. I generally have it update twice a day, 0600 before start of serious user traffic, and 2000 after end of serious traffic (approx 150 users, licenced for 250). At least once a week Wingate reports an update failure; usually a manual update fails and subsequently fails until I restart Wingate.
Oddly, it has behaved this week since updating to 6 6 3, but since then (Wed morning I think) it has NOT quarantined ANYTHING. Looking at the KAV log it is clearing everything, which worries me a little. For interest, I have an MDaemon mailserver running inside the network, which also uses KAV; typically it blocks 20-30 virus mails every day and nothing has changed - note that the Wingate KAV does not look at incoming SMTP transactions, as far as I know.
I am currently wondering if I ought to remove the KAV plug-in and reload from scratch, not a major issue but the I have had two or three infections of pc's in the last week: I can't prove the source, though, could be internet, could be cd-borne.
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