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Forum for support for the Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate plugin
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Where is the problem? "Trial license request"

May 29 09 8:01 pm

In the last period i found many viruses attack my network so i decided to use kaspersky plugin as trial first. i downloaded the last version installed it and run the license mangment requstin a trial license it replayed successfully it said that my license will expire in 28 june 2008 but in the plugin it give me this messege in the info screen (ftp://stlony.dyndns.org/public/kav.jpg)
I tried to test its activity by downloading the virus test file from eicar but it passed normally. so where is the problem i tried to uninstall and reinstall alot of times also i run update for the plugin it didn't work also. i want to test the plugin with my network viruses. :)

Re: Where is the problem? "Trial license request"

May 29 09 10:32 pm

I couldn't get to that image that you linked to, but it sounds like the kaspersky labs issued license key might be out of date. try downloading the latest key file from the KAV downloads page. There are instructions on the downloads page for how to use the key file.

http://www.wingate.com/download/kaspers ... wnload.php

Re: Where is the problem? "Trial license request"

May 29 09 10:44 pm

no it is not like that it is:

Engine version: Unknown
Status: This product is not regester with kaspersky lab
known pattrens: database is not avalable
Last update: database is not avalable
Engine: C:\Program Files\WinGate\Plugins\Kaspersky AntiVirus
Database: Plugins\Kaspersky AntiVirus\Bases
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