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KAV 2.1 beta - Not scanning exe/rar etc from websites

Sep 14 09 7:49 am

Hi all

I am having problems with Kaspersky 2.1 running windows vista sp1, It just dos not seem to scan files when people are access websites, for Example when i visited ccleaner and download the exe file it just automatic pops up with no scan on the wingate server, Now i run wingate on a windows xp aswell and i did the same as i did on the windows vista machine and it scans then send out the file witn no problem at all, i have two hard drives for testing purpose before i move to windows vista but it looks like im going to stick to windows xp sp3 as this is very important to me untill this issues fixed.

When im updating the database file is works great on vista & XP

Ill post back when i have tryed it with version 2.0.3


Re: KAV 2.1 beta - Not scanning exe/rar etc from websites

Sep 30 09 9:00 pm


are you downloading a file you expect to be blocked?

There are no popups from Kaspersky AV for WinGate. If it blocks something, you get a block page in your browser.


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