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Drip Feeding

Postby iceshaft07 » Oct 27 09 4:51 am

Hi everyone. My higher up told me that drip-feeding disabled the virus scanner. Everything I have read (on this forum) says that this is not the case, and that Kaspersky releases the first 75% of the file and scans the last 25%.

Can someone point me to a Kasperky / Wingate manual or white page that explains how drip-feeding works? I already checked the help file and documentation.
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Re: Drip Feeding

Postby logan » Oct 27 09 3:49 pm

Drip-feeding passes on the first 75% of the file to the client as it is downloaded from the Internet. The last 25% of the file is buffered in the server until the entire file has been downloaded from the Internet. Kaspersky then scans the entire file (not only the last 25%)

If the file is clean, then the last 25% is passed to the client in a quick burst. If the file is found to be infected, the download is terminated and the remaining 25% of the file is not passed on to the client. At this point the client has 75% of an infected file. In most cases, this will corrupt the file causing making it fail to execute. However, this is not really a perfect solution as on rare occasions a file may be able to execute without the remaining 25%. I haven't personally encountered such a file myself, but have been informed that it is possible.

Can you ellaborate on how your higher-up figured that KAV was not working while drip-feeding was enabled.
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