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Kaspersky bringing network server down with .TMP files

Feb 23 10 9:01 pm

One of our installation policies is to install nothing but the the Windows Server code on the C: drive whenever possible. Everything else, programs, paging, temp, cache, etc., goes on another drive.

Wingate has been installed on an E: drive. However, we've been experiencing problems with the server crashing due to out of disk space on the C: drive. We keep removing whatever we can from the C: drive but the remaining space always gets filled up again.

After some investigation we discovered that Kaspersky has been building .TMP files in the \Windows\Temp folder. Today we cleared out 4.5 gig of these .TMP files.

On a Server 2000 system, 4.5 gigs is almost all the free space on the C: drive.
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