Lack of KAV support from Wingate

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Lack of KAV support from Wingate

Postby han » Feb 28 10 10:34 am

Hi everyone,

Its been a while since I've removed KAV for Wingate from my server. I had been experiencing all the problems which have been described in this forum: not updating to spontaneously quarantining mails which could then not be retrieved. I'm coping by having KAV installed individually on the network PC's but it seems to beat the object of having Gateway monitoring by KAV. What is really worrying me is the lack of response from Wingate to the problems being mentioned in this forum. With Kaspersky coming with new products is Qbik going to catch up and implement a solution which will offer us the protection we had before everything started going wrong? I'll take the time you take to respond to this item as an indication of how serious you are taking this matter.
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Re: Lack of KAV support from Wingate

Postby adrien » Mar 01 10 10:09 pm


We are aware of increasing issues with the existing KAV for WinGate product, notably increased memory consumption, and more frequent issues downloading updates and scanning files. The scanning engine that we are using is now quite old and no longer supported by Kaspersky Labs, although they will continue to release signature updates for it for a while yet. We have been working with them for quite some time now on a new scanning engine. The new scanning engine works quite differently to the old one, and so it's not a straight-forward matter to port their new engine to our existing KAV for WinGate product. Complicating this issue has been WinGate 7. We have a KAV working for HTTP and SMTP in WinGate 7 based on the new Kaspersky Labs engine, using completely new filtering interfaces for these protocols in WinGate 7.

Our development energies have been focused on getting WinGate 7 out the door, which is long overdue, so we haven't been keen to divert attention from that in order to re-write an old plugin that will soon be redundant, and have been hoping that the issues facing customers have not been too grave.

I realise this is of no help to people running WinGate 6, so I'm wondering what I can offer. There are a couple of options.

1. WinGate 7. This could be an option, depending on what you are using WinGate for. We're running it on our gateway here for SMTP, VPN, HTTP etc. You could then use KAV for WinGate 7 free until the product is released. However it currently only scans SMTP and HTTP, so if you were doing POP3 collection, FTP or POP3 via proxy, and relying on that being scanned, this may not be an option for you.

2. We re-write KAV for WinGate 6. I had been hoping to avoid this, but it depends on how much of a problem it is for how many customers.


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Re: Lack of KAV support from Wingate

Postby han » Mar 02 10 8:29 pm

Hi Adrien,

Thanks for the open and frank reply. To be honest o.t.m. I think the situation is under control relying on the KAV running on the network pc's themselves. I think my frustration was a little with the lack of information form Qbik on where they stand. There were two reasons for using Wingate to start with for me. It offered internet access for a SOHO network and virus filtering at the gateway. Later on I started using it for SMTP and running a server for both ftp and http. Knowing that all this was relatively secure with firewall and AV protection. Having had to remove KAV for Wingate was a bit of a let down. I don't think I'll opt for starting to use Wingate 7 until it's fully completed although I appreciate the offer. As long as I know it's on the way and will be available within a reasonable time, I think I'll cope with the current setup which at least is stable. Thanks again for your reply.
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