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Kaspersky is not my friend!

Nov 15 11 4:22 pm

A few months ago I upgraded WinGate and Kaspersky to current versions.

Before that time, Kaspersky would deliver 'unknown error scanning file' (approximately) fairly frequently. After a couple of iterations trying to trouble-shoot it, I gave up and lived with it. Eventually Kaspersky came out with a major revision and I upgraded, expecting great things.

It's ...much... better. But it still happens, perhaps once a month. The new server is XP Pro with latest updates, on a garden-variety Dell with nothing else running - it's essentially dedicated to WinGate. But Kaspersky still gets unknown errors.

Worse, I found an email in my inbox today that was a fake delivery message from "UPS". I forwarded it to their fraud email address, and it bounced - because it contained a virus. Aside from the nit that UPS doesn't expect threat email forwarded to that address, why the heck did Mr. Kaspersky not notice it? He updates my virus database every day, and always reports success.

Having a virus checker in-line seems like a great idea, but this isn't the first time Kaspersky has passed something along, so I have to have AVG running on the clients to clean up after him. There should be a better way.
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