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Forum for support for the Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate plugin
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Kaspersky hogging memory

Mar 22 12 6:14 am

I updated to the latest version recently. After the latest database signature update (this morning March 21), Kaspersky is going nuts and using an ever-increasing amount of memory -- starts at around 20MB, immediately goes to 100MB, then several minutes later it's up to over 500MB (on our XP machine which has 1GB of RAM). It essentially brings web traffic to a complete halt. So I kill kavehost.exe thru Windows, and it begins all over again.

The only thing I have turned on is Scanning of WWW traffic, no heuristics.

Any ideas?

Re: Kaspersky hogging memory

Mar 22 12 6:22 am

Never mind, problem seems to have gone away with a restart of the Wingate engine.
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