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TCP Mappings

Sep 01 12 9:24 pm


I currently have a 25 User Ent license and a trial equivalent for Kapersky.

Question is : Is Kapersky for Wingate purely restricted to Email & HTTP browsing ? I am looking at funnelling and control access to data using TCP Mappings, Policy etc and am wanting to scan traffic for viruses etc.

Is this possible ?


Re: TCP Mappings

Sep 02 12 11:20 pm


the content analysis framework in WinGate which the Kaspersky plugin uses only provides access to data going through the WWW proxy, SMTP server, POP3 proxy and mail delivery queues.

So if you want to use TCP mappings, you won't get AV scanning. The TCP mapping is just a fairly dumb plug which pipes data back and forth. It does some basic protocol inspection to try to figure out what is going over it for display / logging, but doesn't go any further than that.

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