Unexpected failure scanning

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Unexpected failure scanning

Postby llupin » Nov 25 03 5:48 am

After running for a while, maybe 4 or 5 days, users will start getting this message on all web sites.
Kaspersky AV for WinGate

Unexpected failure scanning (http://www.website name goes here.com/)

I restart Wingate amd everything is fine for a while.
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Postby adrien » Dec 03 03 11:19 pm


Which versions are these? Of WinGate and the AV plugin.

Do you notice memory usage in WinGate is high at this time, or in kavss.exe?

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Postby rmorales » Dec 05 03 8:50 am

I have the same problem.

I have Wingate 5.2 (update from 5.1) and Antivirus 1.2.1 (update from 1.1 but no show license).
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Postby llupin » Dec 09 03 3:30 am

This was happeneing with the last versions. I recently updated to Wingate 5.2 and KAV 1.2. So far it hasn't happened again.
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