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error 126

Mar 24 16 7:53 pm

Hi Guys

Just as an fyi. Downloaded and installed Kaspersky 8.5.2 onto Wingate 8.2.1.

Kaspersky was not reflecting in Management console. I was also unable to install my Kaspersky license.

Upgraded to Wingate 8.5.5 and Kaspersky showed up in the console.

At this point Kaspersky failed with
Loading Updater SDK failed at path C:\Program Files\WinGate\Packages\Kaspersky AV\Bin
Loading SDK failed, base path C:\Program Files\WinGate\Packages\Kaspersky AV\Bin, error 126

I noted that the Base folder for Kaspersky was empty.

Another issue that cropped up was I tried to restart the WinGate service I would get a "Pure Virtual Call" error and WinGate would hang.

After much hair pulling it turned out that the Kaspersky install doesn't remove older versions.
I had version 7 lingering in the background from a previous trial I had run.

Uninstalled Kaspersky 7 and 8 from Windows Program gui and reinstalled Kaspersky 8.5.2.

License went through no problems and all seems to be running.

Re: error 126

Mar 30 16 8:36 pm


ok, thanks for letting us know.

Actually we just release KAV 8.5.6. which fixes a bug in the general settings tab (actions for types of result) which was caused by a Codejock framework update.


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