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Result Actions

Apr 25 16 7:00 pm

Hi Guys

I am trying to change the result action for password protected files/attachments to "allow".
This is specifically down to the fact that Kaspersky is deleting mails with pdf attachments that are password protected.

When I select "allow" and "ok" it doesn't save the changes. When I open the settings again it is back to "Block".

Any ideas ?


Re: Result Actions

Apr 25 16 7:02 pm

Sorry Adrien I just saw your reply to my post prior.

I see you mentioned that the new version also fixed this issue.

Will try update to current and see if it resolves this problem.


Re: Result Actions

Apr 25 16 7:35 pm

Upgrade resolved issue.

Many thanks

Re: Result Actions

Apr 25 16 8:56 pm


thanks for getting back and letting us know


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