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Settings not being saved after a reboot

Jan 23 19 3:55 am

If we set the following setting in GateKeeper:
Options>Plug-Ins>Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate>Settings>Change the "Action to Take" to "Custom">Select under "Password Protected" to Pass file on> Click OK to all the windows and Save.
Reboot the machine, all the settings go back to "Quarantine File" under "Action to Take" instead of staying on "Custom"
Any ideas as to why the setting doesn't save and we have to repeat each step to save the setting for the day?
Taken from GateKeeper 6.6.4 running Kaspersky AV 3.04
Setting.JPG (82.08 KiB) Viewed 1906 times

Re: Settings not being saved after a reboot

May 23 19 5:13 pm


which version of WinGate are you running? It looks like 6.something which is now extremely old.

Is it only the Password Protected one that doesn't stick? That would indicate a bug in the Kaspersky AV plugin. that version is over 10 years old now, and we haven't even built it for about 8 years.

there is a version 3.0.5 on our site which could be worth a try.

http://cloud-dl.qbik.com/archive/Kasper ... 78-USE.EXE



Re: Settings not being saved after a reboot

Jun 05 19 2:36 am

Not sure what has happened but the settings are now being saved after a reboot.
Thanks for the help and suggestions though.
Something to look into one day.
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