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New AV Plugin Changes/Pointers

Postby erwin » Dec 03 03 11:43 am

Hi Everyone

This post is to clarify some of the important changes /differences of the new Kaspersky Antivirus Plugin and existing installations of the Visnetic AV.

Visnetic AV installations

    1. Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate is a different antivirus plugin then the Visnetic AV plugin from Deerfield and so does not or will not work if you attempt to use the same key.

    2. If you are upgrading from earlier versions of WinGate and wish to continue to use Visnetic AV plugin this is supported.

    However there have been users who are seeing a message saying their AV licence has expired even though it is still valid for a time. In this scenario one thing to verify is the following:

    If you open the Deerfield AntiVirus Update Scheduler, you will see which engines it is licensed for. (There are two, a single threaded one and a multi-threaded one) The VisNetic AntiVirus Plugin for WinGate works with the single threaded engine.

    In 99% of the cases the problem is that the license for the single threaded engine has dissapeared. This is outside of our control, as the licensing for that plugin is handled by Deerfield. Users have reported success by obtaining the latest Visnetic AV.

    3. If a fully licensed version Visnetic AV needs to be reinstalled to a machine running WinGate 5.1 or above, then entering the licence key in the WinGate Licence manager will NOT work. The Visnetic Licence key must now be entered under the "registration" tab of the Deerfield Visnetic AV application.

Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate

    1. As explained in the installation dialog, Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate will not work properly if it detects a previous AV plugin installed, and so recommends for it to be removed after the Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate installation is complete. WinGate will only allow one antivirus plugin to be installed and functional.

    2. The latest Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate has two options for updating. By default there is an Update for Kaspersky AntiVirus put in the WinGate scheduler. Users can also update Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate manually by clicking on the Plugin button in Gatekeeper highlighting the Kaspersky AV and clicking the update button.

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