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Visnetic x Kapersky x Norton

Postby Ricardo » Dec 05 03 12:40 am

I have Wingate 5.0.7 as my ICS software with Visnetic AV

1- Is my license number valid for an upgrade to Wingate 5.2?
2- Can I install Kapersky antivirus?
3- If Kapersky (or Visnetic) is running in the Wingate server, do I need to have another antivirus (Norton or AVG, for instance) running in wingate server? What about other antivirus software in wingate client machines?
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Postby erwin » Dec 05 03 8:38 am

Hi Ricardo

Read and this will answer your questions about Visnetic and Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate.

Since Kaspersky Antivirus for WinGate is a plugin for WinGate proxy server, it is designed to scan datastreams to and from the server that are being proxied by WinGate, however it can manually scan drives both on the server and across the network. But because it is not a stand alone application it does not have autoprotection features like other full app AV solutions.


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