internal error 2721 kill_gatekeeper

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internal error 2721 kill_gatekeeper

Postby armeniomanuel » Feb 15 07 3:47 am

hello. i cant install gives this error..what can be tre problem??
thanks :)
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Postby MattP » Feb 15 07 10:33 pm


It sounds like either the downloaded file or the installer is corrupted. Were you upgrading or was this a fresh install?

If you download the file again does it work?

Which version of KAV are you trying to install?

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Postby armeniomanuel » Feb 15 07 10:55 pm

heelo. thnks 4 your help. it seems the problem was with Panda antivirus that i had on the pc. I NEED YOUR HELP FOR SOMETHING ELSE: Should the machine have another antivirus solution for the pc or the kaspersky for wingate is suficient? and if i have another antivirus there should i disable the scan of the folder C:\PROGRAMS\WINGATE and what other folders..??
And 1 more question..where do i see the virus signatures files on the kav2 and how can i update it mannualy? thanks.

ps.i have windows xp on pentium 4 with 1 gb RAM.

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Postby logan » Feb 17 07 12:49 pm

Kaspersky for WinGate has been adapted to scan HTTP, FTP and POP3 traffic through the proxies in WinGate. It does include a simple hard drive scan option, but it is not a personal antivirus solution.

I cannot advise whether you should or shouldn't install another virus solution on the computer. This decision is ultimately up to your own discretion. I will say that I only have KAV for WinGate installed on my server and I haven't had any problems.

If you do want to run a personal antivirus solution on the computer aswell, then you will first want to make sure that it will run alongside Kaspersky without causing any bluescreens or problems. Then stopping it from scanning the C:\Program Files\WinGate folder will be sufficient.

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