Random "X-Scanning: 20sec" error message

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Random "X-Scanning: 20sec" error message

Postby groch » Jan 22 04 2:15 am

error seems to bo Visnetic AV plugin related.
occures randomly while checking accounts for mail
when i disable the plugin under Pop3 Proxy server plugin tab everything returns to normal, no errors occure at all.

Wingate5.2.2 (TR on 110port) (NAT/No WGIC)
any help here?
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Postby adrien » Jan 22 04 12:51 pm


What email client are you using? When WinGate is scanning a mail that you are downloading through the POP3 proxy, it inserts headers into the mail every 20 seconds to stop the email client from timing out if the scan takes too long.

The email clients we tested with didn't have any problem with this.

Also, is this WinGate version 5.2.2?

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Postby groch » Jan 23 04 2:11 am

my email client is OE5
and one another thing i forgot to say in reply on Wingate forum is that this error ocures when the account is empty(no mail has to be checked)
yes wingate5.2.2 (hell stable which makes ma glad)
so i dont know is it up to U or the Visnetic guys.
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Postby groch » Jan 25 04 10:32 am

some more feedback on the subject
after restarting server machine the error disapeared
(wingate engine was up for about 8days without restart)
maybe that error is buffer overflow relayted or something like that
now engine up time is about 2days and still going well
if error ocures again i'll give a sign.
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Postby olaf.krause » Mar 24 04 3:35 pm

see also my message in Wingate forum: "still hanging connections" where I added some log outputs.
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