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PureSight Wish List

Postby Randy Baker » Nov 23 07 1:57 pm

I am a couple of weeks into evaluating WinGate, PureSight and Kaspersky.

One of my testing methods is to select sites from various categories from within Google. With porn sites, it would be nice if PureSight would cache blocked sites for a user definable period of time. For example, you can click on a link that gets blocked, but you click on the image and it is downloaded. You can also guess other image names and access those as well.

Also, to echo the sentiments of others, I want PureSight to provide me with easy to access assurances their product is in fact updating. The fact is, they are not going to get any $$$ from me if they can't prove they are providing updates for a subscription service. Considering PureSight does not appear to have been "updated" since 2005, PureSight is less likely to get my $$$. Perimeter based site filtering is a primary consideration as to what product will replace WinProxy.
Randy Baker
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Postby adrien » Nov 23 07 2:51 pm

Hi Randy

There's updates, and then there's updates.

Updates to the code that runs when you run PureSight. E.g. PureSight 1.0 -> PureSight 1.2 -> PureSight 2.0.


Regular updates to the lists of classifications of sites. This is more akin to signature updates that you'd commonly pay a subscripton to an AV vendor for. These do happen regularly. Unfortunately the only way to tell is by looking at the date stamp on the files in the PureSight folder.
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Postby adrien » Nov 23 07 2:55 pm

PS, re the caching of sites, this depends on what part of PureSight blocks the link (i.e. the list vs the "AI" processing)

if it's the list, then the whole site should be blocked.

Otherwise it doesn't make any assumptions about sites based on a page it downloaded. As you can imagine, with many sites, there could be major problems with this approach, if you block a major blog site because of one inappropriate post for example. You can't always assume that sites only contain one type of content.
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PureSight Updates

Postby pgrant » Dec 07 07 4:11 am


I to am interested in the "definition" updates to pursight as I am unsure that they are happening for example we block web mail yet google mail is still accessible I would have thought that there would have been an update in the definitions to block this site.

Can you tell me which file I need to observe the date on to ensure the updates are actually happening?

Many thanks.

Philip Grant
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