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PureSight Settings not Being Saved

Jan 23 08 7:34 am


I have a customer who finds that making any configuration changes to the Puresight settings aren't saved after WinGate restarts.
In particular he's trying to edit the response messages, but after restarting WinGate they are gone.
This is WinGate 6.2.2 and PureSight 2.0.1. on a Windows 2003 Server.
Any ideas?


Jan 23 08 3:13 pm

I think I remember a situation like this from long ago. I don't know if it was fixed or not.

You could have the customer save the registry before shutdown and then after restart and then compare the two.

It was an odd problem, like it would ignore the even numbered registry entries or something.

I'll got back through my email and see what I can find.

Jan 25 08 10:36 am

I'd appreciate that Larry.

This is a customer that is synching with a very large userdatabase that so any testing has to be done on week-ends as each stop and start of the WinGate engine takes forever.

Thanks again!

C&C Software

Jan 25 08 11:35 am

Hi Joan

That issue of synching with large DBs I thought we'd resolved with Just-in-time synching.

I.e. it's not actually necessary to synch on startup or login. Individual user accounts can be synched when they are first used.


Jan 25 08 1:01 pm

The problem I remember had to do with reading up every other user record. So this looks like it could be the same thing.

Jan 29 08 7:24 am

HI Adrien,

Unfortunately no it wasn't resolved for this customer. They find that if the option to synch the database on engine start is not set then they are unable to get into Gatekeeper. The screens remain grey. But if they have it set to synch they are able to access Gatekeeper.

They would like to get this into full production as soon as possible but we need to resolve this Puresight issue first.

Any ideas for us to try? We're planning on setting up a troubleshooting session on Sunday of this week.

C&C Software Solutions Inc.
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