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Site Filtering Setup

Feb 09 08 12:52 pm

We want to block general access to myspace, but must give access to a certain page within myspace because your youth group has a setup there. Is this possible? How?

Feb 11 08 10:08 am

this can be done using simple policies on the WWW proxy.

first create a policy that will not allow anyone to go to URL contains "myspace"

next create a separate policy that will allow access to URL equals "myspace/example"

the second policy will override the first policy for this specific site only.

Feb 11 08 11:56 am

Hi Jasona,

I did that, and I can get to all of myspace (which I don't want) as well as the specific url I wanted. This is what I did:

Under recipient "everyone", go to the ban list tab. select enable ban list
Enter HTTP URL contains "myspace"
Enter HTTP URL equals "myspace/vanguardyouth"

I have default rights may be used instead selected. I removed the entry for blocking "myspace" from the manual classifications.

Feb 11 08 2:46 pm

Change the default rights from "may be used instead" to "are ignored". The default system policy is "everyone - unrestricted" which would override your restrictive policy and allow your users access if it was checked.

Also, you said you put both those entries in the ban list. It would pay to disable the ban list and use the advanced tab to create this filter since the ban list is only designed for specifying black listed sites and doesn't work well with whitelist entries.

Here is an example of how the avanced tab should look when setup.

Filter 1
-- not HTTP URL contains myspace
Filter 2
-- HTTP URL contains myspace/vanguardyouth

The first filter allows access to everything that doesn't contain myspace, and the second allows access to everything that contains myspace/vanguardyouth.

Feb 11 08 2:59 pm

Hi Logan,.

I changed the default rights for the www proxy to "are ignored", and unchecked the ban list. I then went to the advanced tab and created the filters just as you showed. I get HTTP 403 (forbidden) for the "www.myspace.com/vanguardyouth" site.

Feb 12 08 3:49 am

I would suggest one of these two:

Filter 2
-- HTTP URL contains myspace.com/vanguardyouth


Filter 2
-- HTTP URL contains vanguardyouth

Feb 12 08 8:56 am

Thanks ChrisH. That was the fix I was looking for.

Feb 12 08 4:41 pm

ChrisH wrote:Filter 2
-- HTTP URL contains myspace.com/vanguardyouth

Woops. My bad on that one. Thanks Chris!
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