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Gatefilter not functioning

Sep 17 03 8:59 am

Hi ,

I have a client running WinGate on W2K with ENS. He is trying to get Gatefilter to work without any luck.
He has the services set to redirect through the proxies...is there anything else to look for?


Sep 17 03 10:56 am

Can you check that the requests are going through the proxy? A quick look at the history should show this.

Then are there any errors logged? Is the GateFilter licence current?

Sorry, not up to date with GateFilter


Sep 17 03 11:54 am

In the Plug-Ins tab in the WWW Proxy service is Gatefilter listed and enabled?


Sep 18 03 2:32 am

Yes , Gatefilter shows up in the plugins as enabled.

I hadn't thought to check the history.. I'll have him check that out.
And get back to you.


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