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Forum for support for the PureSight for WinGate content filtering plugin
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Puresight Keep Blocking avira.com website

Mar 26 09 4:56 pm

Hi all

i tried using 30 days latest build wingate + puresight plugin
i had explore some setting, features of wingate & puresight

before this i can open avira website without any problem, BUT yesterday i saw puresight blocking avira.com website.
i tried to manual set in Puresight control panel -> Manual Classification -> Any URL containing avira = Allow AND also i tried put The Following URL / The Following Site -> avira.com = Allow BUT puresight keep blocking avira.com website. Also have try to UNTICK all filtered categories.

Re: Puresight Keep Blocking avira.com website

Mar 27 09 1:47 pm

Are you certain that it is Puresight blocking this site? What error do the clients see when this page fails to load? If you go into puresight and test that URl what do you get?

Options - > Plug-ins - > Puresight for WinGate ->Test URL

Re: Puresight Keep Blocking avira.com website

Mar 28 09 12:44 am

problem solved
website www.avira.com blocked by Puresight because i add blocking for .avi file to blocking user from downloading movies. Because avira website is www.avira.com, so it's blocked.
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