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StatListDb not updated

May 20 09 10:06 pm

Hi Adrien,
even if I installed Puresight 3.0 and now have a StatListDb file newer than the one installed by Puresight 2.0.3, I noticed that i have the same problem of another person (I read it on this forum): StatListDb is never updated by the scheduled task into Puresight plugin.
I checked every SYSTEM security permission for every folder you said to do that and they are always full permissions. I could tell you the credentials to connect to our Wingate server using RealVNC enterprise edition to check it and find why Puresight is not updated. This problem persists from older versions. Please notice that I should have changed the WWW Proxy port from 80 to 3128, but this change does not disturb the Antivirus plugin, which is regularly updated every day. Is not possible to update Puresight using the Wingate scheduler as for Kaspersky Antivirus plugin?

Best regards

Re: StatListDb not updated

May 29 09 6:35 pm

Hi Nicky

I've had long discussions with PureSight, and they assure me they are putting functionality into the new version of their SDK to allow us to control updates, and see if something went wrong.

they tell me that stlist files are only updated every couple of weeks normally, since this is an exception list to handle sites that the ACR has trouble categorising automatically. Obviously it's no good to have to wait a very long time to see if updates are working or not. We hope to be able to solve this problem soon, once they give us their new SDK.

To access the internet, does that computer go out through any other gateway or proxy? The PureSight updates use HTTP a little bit strangely. I'm wondering if some gateway would be blocking the update perhaps.


Re: StatListDb not updated

May 30 09 12:02 am

Hi Adrien,
I hope this new SDK will be available very soon....
Our WinGate server is directly connected to the internet: no proxy or gateway can block the access to Puresight updates... I suppose the problem will be solved with your next version (ver. 3.0 does not update again...)


Re: StatListDb not updated

Jun 03 09 5:20 am

Hi all,

I installed puresight 3.0 last week ( Thursday 28 May).

There are 2 files in the puresight 3.0\stlst folder as follows:

UPdatestlstdb.dat date modified 1/6/2009 9:58 am
statlistdb date modified 1/6/2009 10:00 am

This seems to indicate that the list has been updated.I cannot however find any reference to puresight in the www proxy log and this may be because of the way puresight updates.

I will post another note in due course to confirm ( or otherwise ) that puresight is still updating.



Re: StatListDb not updated

Jul 17 09 3:12 am

PureSight does use HTTP to update, but it probably doesn't proxy through the WinGate on the machine it's running on so wouldn't show in your logs.


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