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Wingate Stop Internet access when Puresight settings changed

Oct 14 09 12:02 am

We are using Wingate 6.6.3 and puresight 3.
When a change is made to puresight e,g to all a manual url Classification wingate stops internet access or Internet access is very limited ( only a few sites ).The only way arounf this is to reboot the server and when we do this we find that the Change did not take effect.

I dont think this happened with previous versions.
We get an even ID 1004 Application error Faulting Application Gatekeeper.exe but i think this is related to a attempt to stop and restart the gatekeeper service which does not have the desired effect and hence the reboot.

Any help Appreciated.



Re: Wingate Stop Internet access when Puresight settings changed

Nov 27 09 2:05 am

Hi everybody.
The same thing happens to me: if i change Puresight manual sites, WinGate is blocked and i must stop and restart the service for Wingate to work properly. After restarting the service, changes in Puresight are not present!
Moreover the auto-update function of Puresight never works. I have this problem since the first version of Puresight was installed...
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