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Forum for support for the PureSight for WinGate content filtering plugin
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Puresight 2 - looking good.

Nov 02 05 12:43 am

Looking really good, nice solid control now - nice one.

It would appear though that the custom pages still carry the

PureSight 2.0 for WinGate - <A HREF="http://www.wingate.com">http://www.wingate.com</A></BODY></HTML>

that cannot be removed - is this correct or am I missing something.
Don't wish to take credit away from you guys but the inclusion of this link
has confused users with puresight 1.

Is sexual & gambling content only based on intelligent scanning or is this combined with the list based system?

It looks well worth the wait, thanks!


Nov 02 05 11:50 am

Hi Markt

thanks for your comments.

yes, that anchor on the end is hard-coded into all HTML responses. Didn't know it was causing problems. Are people thinking they need to click on the link or something?

the sex and gambling categories use the list as well as the ACR system. The list is checked first for performance reasons (means you don't need to download the page first to classify it).



Nov 02 05 9:56 pm

Hi Adrien,
My comment on the anchor text mirror many who have requested custom response pages from Puresight over time. The request is to enable direction of users to internal support sites / addresses. The user has no need to know (and arguably shouldn't know) that it is the puresight filter by Qbik and that you can view all the information about the plugin from the site. OK, I could mask the text in some way, and probably will.

I don't know, maybe I live in an Orwellian world - I could always filter the Qbik sites.

It is only a slight quibble on an otherwise hugely improved service. I do
have huge confidence in it now, it was pretty much disabled in terms of the ACR system, which I still need convincing on.



Nov 03 05 8:16 am

You could try using a meta tag to redirect to a page on your internal server. I think you can set the redirect time quite low, so the warning would flash up, and then the browser would be off somewhere else which you could fully control.

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