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Postby Pit » Nov 08 05 6:49 am


I enable Web-mail content in the Filtered Categories, and works fine but I have users which have messenger and simply cannot start their mesenger session due to this filter category.

Is there a way I can separate web-mail content and messenger content? I know I can make a manual classification, but would be great if It's allowed o not by rule. By the way, which is o are the sites I have to manually allowed to enable messenger? leaving blocked web-mail content.

So far, I disable filtering for those user using messenger, but.. all filters are disabled! not only web-mail content... for this, another question, could be possible to enable or disable filtering rules for each user/group, so that I can block certain services for a especific user? Not as is, enable o disable ALL rules.

In Wingate I allowed certain users to use messenger, but puresight does not care if I allowed the user to use messenger, if web-mail content is enable, simply I couldn't logon.

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Postby Pascal » Nov 08 05 5:42 pm

You would have to expressly allow the site (Manual classification, as you suggested). You monitor what the site is by checking in the logfiles for PureSight, that should have it listed.

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Postby corcoran » Nov 10 05 12:56 am

i slipped in an exception to allow URL 'containing' gateway.dll through - which allows the msn messenger program, but keeps web-mail still on.
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