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Forum for support for the PureSight for WinGate content filtering plugin
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Oversight - Shopping filter??

Nov 24 05 9:58 pm

i was preening the new capabilities of puresight 2 this morning and being grieved that i couldn't get onto bbc news, or hotmail -- but this seems fair.

i was surprised, however, that the person sitting next to me could surf on amazon.com -- so i thought, 'hmmm, why isn't it blocking amazon, surely that's shopping?'.

so i checked the filters list - but there's no "shopping channel" (no, not like QVC).

can we get one put in please?

Nov 25 05 10:34 am

I'll pass that on to Pascal, but in the meantime you can add URLs to the administratively blocked category if you want.

Nov 25 05 11:13 pm

yes i COULD start putting shopping sites on partial-admin but hey, there's a lot :P

perhaps you guys could put a shopping filter on sooner, rather than later - ezpecially with christmas'a'comin'!!

Nov 28 05 10:54 am

The categories and lists are managed by PureSight Inc. We are expecting a new SDK from them soon, so will see if that adds a shopping category.

Nov 28 05 11:59 am

pascal. great. cheers chap.
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