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Puresight Updates

Postby ggiebler » Nov 25 05 6:04 am

When clicking on the Plugins button on the Wingate toolbar, I see that I have both Kaspersky Antivirus 2.0 and Puresight 2.0 installed using subscription license. However, the update button is only enabled with the Kaspersky plugin. Why is the update button disabled (greyed out) when I click on the Puresight plugin?

I have set the Misc settings in the Puresight plugin with the Automatic updates enabled box checked, checking every 1440 minutes, from server up.puresight.com. However, I have never seen a log or activity entry showing that Puresight is actually checking for updates. The Kaspersky plugin always creates an entry when it updates. Is there a reason why the Puresight plugin does not seem to be updating?
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Postby Pascal » Nov 28 05 10:56 am

This is dependant on the third party supplier's updating mechanism. Kaspersky provides a special updating interface. PureSight does not, they manage the updates internally in their component.

Thus, with Kaspersky you have the option of manually kicking off an update and we can control it and log.

With PureSight you only have the option of switching it on - we do not control how their updater runs.

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Postby adrien » Sep 15 06 11:59 am

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Postby acr_wbs » Dec 29 06 1:34 am

I have been plugging away for well over six months at Wingate, Qbik, PureSight, in fact anyone who will listen about the update service and personally I do not believe it is happening. There in no evidence that I can find on the machine that anything has changed since installation. i.e. No file updates or registry changes that appear to have anything to do with PureSight. If someone can prove to me that something is happening then I will be happy but until that time I wonder about the status of PureSight as a subscription service. If I am not getting an update service then surely it should be one off purchase. Come on Qbik, Wingate, PureSight – Please convince me!
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Postby adrien » Dec 29 06 10:19 am


We've been in discussion with PureSight about this as well. We can definitely see something going on when we do packet captures. We can see it communicating with the PureSight servers.

But their update system does not allow us to trigger it, if we want a triggerable update system that returns completion codes etc etc we need to write it ourselves which just seems insane since they've already written it.

There is a new version of their SDK which does logging (their own log files) which we could use, but if you just want to be sure it's doing something I'd try a packet capture with Ethereal or Commview.


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Postby ccsoftware » Jan 29 08 9:09 am

Hi Adrien,

Is this still the case with Puresight?

Do you have any idea how often it's updated?

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