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Forum for support for the PureSight for WinGate content filtering plugin
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Different filters for different users

Mar 29 06 6:44 pm

I'm using the 30 days "trial" version of PureSight. Is there a way to select which filter will be used on a certain user ?
For example I'd like that User A can't access to news sites but can access to Stock Sites and User B can access to news sites but not to stock ones.

Mar 30 06 7:57 am

No, not with the current version of PureSight.

Jun 29 06 10:15 pm

Hi Pascal,

Very much appreciate if you could add this feature in the next version. I found, blocking chat is very efficient in puresight. But i dont want to block it for all the users.

BTW is there any other method to achieve the same goal. I dont use NAT. I tried the banlist in user access window. But not working.


Re: Different filters for different users

Jul 21 09 11:40 pm

Hi Pascal ...
I have got same problem of trial...
But after your guide's i get it's complete solution...
Thanks for help..
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