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Forum for support for the PureSight for WinGate content filtering plugin
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Pure sight - can't configure for some reason

May 10 06 5:53 am

Hi peeps

I've just installed the plugin puresight to trial out and my problem is that i cannot configure any of the settings. i.e select deselect any boxes.
Nothing happens, almost as if its not installed properly.

any ideas - I have the lastest wingate server gatekeeper running also

May 11 06 10:55 am

Are the boxes grayed out? If that's the case, you have most likely not activated a trial license for it. Can you confirm that you have an active trial license for PureSight?

May 12 06 3:25 am


Yes the boxes are greyed out on some items, don't know why this is because I've activated the trial version of puresight.
Wingate is installed on server 2003 if that may help.

Also when i installed kaspersky plugin this happend too.

Thanks for any help.


May 12 06 8:55 am

Yup, I just checked through the source code for both plugins. If they are unlicensed the windows will be disabled / grayed out. KAV will also disable controls if it is unuseable (No database / no Kaspersky Engine installed)

Can you go to the License Manager and select your trial licenses for these two products then email me the trial license IDs. If you can include a screenshot (JPG) of the license management screen that would be great.

(Alt-Prtscr with the window selected, open mspaint.exe and paste into there, then save as JPG and email)

May 13 06 3:18 am

Thanks for the info - you were right.
I had to goto add / select the plugin and then activate.


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