Anywhere can get Changelog?

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Anywhere can get Changelog?

Postby sawi » Jul 10 11 12:22 am

Hi Wingate 7 Team :)

can we see any changelog in every beta release?
or maybe Wingate 7 will not publish any change until some beta version @ until stable release?

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Re: Anywhere can get Changelog?

Postby adrien » Jul 11 11 3:49 pm


beta 1 (build 3239) to beta 2 (build 3254):

1. Fix to the installer to improve installation duration which was long on some computers
2. Added off-line activation.
3. Fixed loop issue with certain DNS requests
4. Fixed an issue with Gatekeeper crashing on disconnect
5. Fixed an issue with unknown not being a member of Everyone.
6. Fixes to POP3 collection, and moving POP3 collection into its own panel
7. Added API to support scanning of the mail delivery queue. Latest Kaspersky AV for WinGate scans this queue, and therefore scans messages retrieved by POP3 collection.
8. Simplified mail queue management (no more PostIn folder)
9. Fixed NAT through dialup on Vista
10. Fixed service control policy item
11. Relaxed license restriction on nested lists in Data, so these are available for all licenses
12. Fixed an issue in the WWW proxy relating to auth with 0 length POST requests.
13. Fixed an issue with FTP directory listings through the WWW proxy
14. Fixed a problem in the IMAP server relating to locking whilst opening mailboxes
15. Fixed an issue in the DHCP service relating to lease updates
16. Added the ability to revoke DHCP leases
17. Fixed issues in POP3 collection and Mail delivery relating to secure connections to end server where connecting via a proxy
18. Added events relating to POP3 collection
19. Numerous minor UI tweaks

Beta 2 (build 3254) to beta 3 (build 3259) :

1. Fixed issue with email send item from policy taking down WinGate on some bad (default for installer) email addresses (could cause WinGate to become unusable if there was a notification on startup, such as for a port conflict on a service).
2. Fixed issue with WinGate taking a long time to start up after reboot (waiting for Remote Access Connection Manager to start)
3. Fixed issue with windows event log for WinGate (unregistered event source) causing all WinGate log messages to show an error.
4. Fixed issue with Winsock Redirector Service which prevented Application Control item from working to prevent application network access.
5. Fixed lockup issue with right-clicking menu options on users and groups panel
6. Fixed problem with HTTP cache purge on full setting.
7. Added c-dns field to WWW usage logging to log reverse DNS of client.

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