How to update to 7 and other questions

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How to update to 7 and other questions

Postby Paradise » Jul 13 11 3:46 am


i have WinGate 6 running on Win7 x64. So my first question is how to update WinGate 6 to 7? Just install over it?

Second question is if i need to by another license (upgrade) or if the WinGate 6 license works with 7?

Third: Is there any benefit of using Windows Small Business Server instead of Win 7? I mean it from the WinGate site and not what WSBS can do what Win7 can't.
I use WinGate just for DHCP, NAT, Routing. Are there performance benefits with WSBS or something?

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Re: How to update to 7 and other questions

Postby adrien » Jul 13 11 10:51 am


If you're just using NAT, DHCP and routing, then it's ok to just install over the top. You will lose any service policies is the main thing.

If your WinGate 6 license had current version protection as at 1 Jan 2011, then it will activate in WinGate 7, otherwise you'll need to renew it.

SBS vs Windows 7. For network packet-level stuff I wouldn't expect to see much difference. The server OSes tend to perform better than the desktop ones for proxies etc.

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