lots of connection on Port25 - how to suppress or prevent ?!

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lots of connection on Port25 - how to suppress or prevent ?!

Postby sigih. » Sep 11 11 10:35 pm

Hello Wingate7 users,

I've lot's of connections on port 25 - SMTP - and sometimes lot's of traffic.
Can someone tell me how can I prevent this?
Think these connections come from portscanners or so.

I've a mailserver behind wingate with "empty" logs - so I think the mailserver works correct, Wingate7 also.
Mailserver on Wingate7 is deactivated - only SMTP del. service is active and works - I get every notification via email.



tnx for help and regards
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Re: lots of connection on Port25 - how to suppress or preven

Postby adrien » Sep 12 11 9:37 am

that's your web proxy.

You have it open to the internet, and it's allowing CONNECT requests. You need to lock down access to that proxy from the outside. Otherwise your IP will get blacklisted. It probably already has been.

Since you're running a web server behind WinGate, you need your proxy open, but you can use policy to control access in the ConnectRequest event, to only allow authenticated users, or none at all.

We often find it's good to use a different proxy for incoming (internet to internal) vs outbound (internal to internet) connections, so you can separate policy.

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