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Wingate Timeline history

Postby Niwre » Oct 27 11 7:24 am

Hi Adrien,

since Wingate 7 RC1 Timeline shows only real-time activity but no history.

Any idea?

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Re: Wingate Timeline history

Postby adrien » Oct 27 11 10:46 am


which database are you using for Timeline? We had to extend the database schema (add a column). If this failed, that could explain it.

in the database, there should be a table called activity_items, and if that table doesn't have a column called activity_category (VARCHAR 255) then that will be the reason, you should be able to manually add it if you like, or if you could

a) enable debug logging on timeline
b) restart WinGate to collect any error information
c) send us the timeline log

that could help us track down the issue.


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