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Questions and/or suggestions

Postby PeterG » Nov 15 11 10:17 am


- i have set the Trial option to 'Professional' and so it should be possible (as documented in the help), to use Java or Lua Scripty in the policies. But they cant't be used.
Is this functionality available in the Release version of WG7 Professional?

- is it possibe to change the message, which will be shown in the browser, if the user authentication fails: Proxy authoization failed. You must authenticate....
(like the one in the reject response)?

- how is it possibe, to change the value of symbols (e.g. Session.Cache.Add)
Can i control over this, to exclude files greater than for example 10MB from cache?

- is it possibe, to show in the browser on user authentication a text like 'The server at WinGate Proxy Server requires a username and password' (my old proxy does so) instead of 'Connecting to'
So the user knows, that the authentication of the proxy is required.
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Re: Questions and/or suggestions

Postby adrien » Nov 15 11 3:11 pm


thanks for that. The code was requiring an enterprise license for scripting, contrary to our policy documents and help files. So I've changed it to allow scripting in pro licenses as well.

The auth failure message is hard coded sorry, we plan to add support for user-defined messages in future, but it's not going to make today's public (non-beta) release.

You can control cache in script using

Session.Cache.Add = false;

You can also use the cache control item in policy, which is a pro feature. This doesn't necessarily know the size of the item though, unless it's reported by Content-Length header in the proxy response event. So we may need to add additional controls to the cache itself to allow specification of allowed cache file sizes. You can run queries against the database to purge large files, e.g.

update cache_index set entry_status = 2 where file_size > 1000000

Setting the status to 2 marks it for removal.

For your last issue... are you using Basic auth? I think you will only see your browser show that message for Basic, for NTLM or Negotiate, the browser will just automatically and silently auth.
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Re: Questions and/or suggestions

Postby PeterG » Nov 16 11 2:41 am

Hi Adrien,

thanks for your response with the outlook for comming features.

I did not have a AD, so the silent authentication only works, if the Server and the Client have set the same password for the user.
Otherwise the browser shows the message as explained, and it would be fine, that the user knows, which password to use.
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