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Policy arrangement

Postby sawi » Dec 07 11 4:10 pm

Hi Wingate Team :)

just simple & not to important Question
it's about how we arrange the policy for the best result

below 2 picture that using same policy but different arrangement

picture 1 - share same datalist at ending for reject/allow

picture 2 - own ending datalist, but still use sama data for reject/allow

I just want to know any different between this two type arrangement in term of performance, or the total time in policy?
Or any recomendation from Wingate Team for the best result?

add information :
*whitelist for office & library are the same data list
*advantage by using arrangement policy like in picture2 is, we can know the total allow/reject hits for office & library.

thanks :)
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Re: Policy arrangement

Postby adrien » Dec 07 11 7:56 pm


actually the performance will be the same for both policy options, the second one will indeed give you separate stats.

One thing I think you may be able to improve performance on.

You check a banlist then a whitelist. If a site is not on the banlist, you allow it, otherwise you check the whitelist.

Depending on which sites you have in which lists, you could possibly combine lists instead to reduce the number of list lookups. Lists can be nested.


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