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Postby sawi » Dec 28 11 10:19 am


I don't know when this problem started.
When we go to the timeline window, on statistics :
-on database statistics -> counter -> "wingate Management requests"

"wingate Management requests" counter keep growing when gatekeeper open
if restart @ stop/start wingate engine, the counter on "wingate Management requests" will count = 0
but when I open gatekeeper, go to Timeline window, the counter will start counting & never stop
i test open gatekeeper about 15minutes and the result -> "wingate Management requests" counter count = more than 1k

for now I disable/unloaded Timeline Engine/Timeline UI in Modules (it's OK? or cause other problem happen?)
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Re: Timeline

Postby adrien » Dec 28 11 9:41 pm


the WinGate Management requests are requests from the user interface to retrieve records to show in the timeline panel. If you have the timeline panel open, and scrolled to the right, you get one per second.

It shouldn't cause a problem though.


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Re: Timeline

Postby sawi » Dec 29 11 4:37 pm

Thanks for reply :)
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