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Scheduled Events

Postby sawi » Dec 31 11 1:00 am

Hi :)
Happy New Year to all Qbik Staff

I try to create schedule events to auto shutdown wingate + reboot windows
so what I do :
example like below...
1) create event in wingate to shutdown wingate at 02:00 (to make sure wingate's engine properly shutdown)
2) then I create event in Windows 7 Task Scheduler to reboot at 02:05

so, my question is :
any other options, that I just put the scheduler to shutdown wingate's engine + reboot windows only in single wingate Scheduled Events? no need to create in windows task scheduler?
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Re: Scheduled Events

Postby adrien » Jan 05 12 9:19 am


WinGate should shut down as part of the normal system shutdown, so it shouldn't be necessary to separately stop it.

You could just use a batch file, which does something like:

net stop wingateengine
shutdown /R

You could launch this from the OS, or WinGate.


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