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Logging errors

Postby intell » Jan 24 13 2:30 am

I'm receiving a lot of errors (hundreds per minute) in Control Panel / Logging / Global, like that below:

Error starting activity. Activity engine could not create new item.: URI = 'fbcdn-creative-a.akamaihd.net/' SessionId: '700294' Referer: '' RequestServer: 'fbcdn-creative-a.akamaihd.net' RefererServer:

always paired with
{ActivityDatabaseDataSource::InsertItem} query failed [Microsoft][Driver ODBC para Microsoft Access] Não é possível abrir o banco de dados '|'. (translate: Database cannot be opened)

But my database is ok, and so is wingate http cache, normally processing and responding queries.

How can I fix these, and why are they being triggered?
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Re: Logging errors

Postby adrien » Jan 24 13 5:43 am


I see you're using the Microsoft Access Driver (MDB) for timeline. This database has a maximum size of 2GB. After that, inserts will fail, and everything will run really slow.

How big is the MDB file? Under WinGate\Packages\Timeline\Timeline.mdb

You may need to purge the database, or use a different database engine that has more capacity and better performance.


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Re: Logging errors

Postby intell » Jan 26 13 2:55 am

I see. I was thiking these errors are about the http cache, not timeline.

I have changed the engine, everything is working fine now. Thanks.
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