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For users of the SMS connector for WinGate
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Aug 15 11 3:49 pm

Hi all, welcome to the forum for our newest product, the SMS connector for WinGate 7.

In a nutshell, the product allows you to connect a mobile telephone to WinGate, allowing WinGate to send SMS messages, and also receive and act on incoming messages.

Re: Welcome

Mar 19 12 6:02 am

You night consider changing the name of this forum to SMS Connector for WinGate 7

at least until WinGate v8 is released. :-)

Download link - http://www.wingate.com/download/sms-con ... wnload.php (1.33MB)

Re: Welcome

Mar 19 12 4:22 pm

Congrats on posting the first reply on this forum!

As for the name... it's not that simple. It is for WinGate 7 only, but the "for WinGate" is part of the product name, and the 7 relates to the version of WinGate, not the version of the SMS connector.

Anyway, that's why it has that name.
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