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What OS to use for Wingate Proxy Server Set-up

Jun 05 13 4:18 pm

I am wondering if I set up a wingate proxy server infront of a webserver, what os should i use ?

I have a small office using window server/client accounting software in window server 2012 essential with 6 users
using non active directory log in like window log in. However, I have users accessing internet everyday and they
are also wanting to host a website in IIS8 in the window server 2012.

Since window 7 pro has only 5 concurrent access, I thought it would be unwise to install wingate as proxy and firewall
server on top of window 7 pro. The best solution is of course 1 physical server namely window server 2012 but 3 virtual
server using microsoft hyper v technology. So in 1 physical server, i can install

A. a wingate proxy and firewall server,
B.a IIS8 virtual webserver for shopping cart, and also
C. a window server-client virtual server.

Can this be done ?

Please advise..

Re: What OS to use for Wingate Proxy Server Set-up

Jun 06 13 8:55 pm


yes you can do that no problem.

Also bear in mind, the 5 user limit is for access to the Server service, so wouldn't actually apply for connections to a proxy.


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