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Forum for support for our new Lumen for WinGate website classification plugin, which replaces our PureSight product for WinGate 9 onwards
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Cannot get lumen to work

Nov 27 18 11:45 pm

I got wingate and lumen installed, got both licensed (bad UI - had to look around to find how to get a lumen license ...)
got wingate chained up with the company proxy and I can surf using wingate
then I updated the rules to include some lumen categories (Adult, adult magazine etc) with a "deny" ...
(I can see the lumen categories and the notifications are clear we well)
then I set my browser and type "sex.com" and wingate/lumen does not stop me !

What do I need to do / validate in order to get this to work.

Re: Cannot get lumen to work

Nov 28 18 9:33 am


firstly, thanks for the feedback about the licensing UI. Yes, Lumen like any of our plugins also needs licensing, and the way to do that is via the licensing panel. Any suggestions you have about how to make that more intuitive would be welcome.

As for denying categories, that's done by the web access rules. Rules are evaluated from the top down, so one way that a request that is classified and blocked by a rule is not actually blocked, would be if the request is allowed prior to that by a rule that is higher in the rule table.

So you may need to move your block rule(s) up the rule table.



Re: Cannot get lumen to work

Nov 28 18 8:02 pm

1. the UI points me at the notifications - saying "you have no lic... " but gives me no direct link to "here you can buy / ask for a license" - took me ~ 20 minutes of wondering until I got the idea...
2. My rule is at the top , it includes the manual and lumen categories and still does not work ...

Re: Cannot get lumen to work

Nov 29 18 12:59 pm


do you see the hit counts incrementing on the rules when you make your test requests?

If the requests aren't being processed by the rules, that would explain the requests not being blocked. This can happen for several reasons:

* If the traffic isn't even going through the proxy (e.g. just going via NAT). Do you see the requests in the activity window in WinGate Management?
* if the "Web activity for WinGate" filter is not enabled in the WWW proxy


Adrien de Croy

Re: Cannot get lumen to work

Nov 29 18 1:00 pm

p.s. could you please post a screenshot of the rules?
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