Most Common WinGate issues

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Most Common WinGate issues

Postby adrien » Oct 01 04 1:31 pm

1. (Most common) Wrong adapter usage setting.
In WinGate 6.0 everything is based on adapter usage. Adapter usage is shown in the Network tab in GateKeeper. It can be modified for an adapter by double clicking the adapter, and editing the usage.

The adapter usage affects:
a) service bindings (by default services do not bind to external adapters)
b) firewall (incoming packets from networks connected to external adapters are blocked by default)
c) NetBIOS name lookups (these are blocked outbound by default over external adapters).
d) NAT operation - NAT only operates from an Internal adapter to an External one.
e) VPN routes. By default WinGate does not publish network routes for networks connected to external adapters.
f) RIP broadcasts. RIP broadcasts are only sent out over internal adapters

The reason this is affecting so many people is because of the way WinGate 6.0 build 995 and prior versions assumed an adapter is to be used. In those versions, any adapter that has a default gateway associated with it will be assumed as external. We changed this with build 1000 because of the number of support incidents this caused.

i) customer installs WinGate 6.0 and their WinGate machine is no longer accessible from the network (due to (b) above)
ii) with firewall disabled, customer can't get services to bind to adapters.
iii) WinGate machine itself cannot access local network resources (due to (c) above
iv) VPNs can only access the WinGate server itself, not other machines.

edit the adapter usage in the Network panel in GateKeeper by double clicking it, and choosing how the adapter should be treated.

2. History database file corruption.
Occasionally for unknown reasons, the history database file can become corrupt. This may result in any of several things:

i) WinGate engine doesn't start
ii) WinGate consumes 100% CPU for a long time on startup
iii) WinGate starts, but GateKeeper won't log in properly (just shows grey) on the WinGate machine
iv) WinGate and GateKeeper work fine, but no history updates in GateKeeper when logged in on the WinGate machine, even though history logging is enabled.

If you see any of these symptoms, try the following
* Stop the WinGate engine
* delete the files History.dbf, and History.cdx from the WinGate install directory
* start WinGate.

We are working on removing the current History implementation from WinGate and replacing it with another more useful, remotely accessible system.
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