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Kaspersky AV

Postby Josch » Nov 04 04 8:33 am

I've installed Wingate & Kaspersky AV. When I download a file, there is no visable information of the download process or the scanning (e.g. GFI). Is there something I can configure to see this information?

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Postby erwin » Nov 04 04 9:26 am

Hi Josch

Im taking that you have you configured the FTP proxy service to use the Kaspersky Antivirus plugin. And if your clients are using NAT or WinGate Internet Client that the intercepts(transparent redirection) has been turned on in the FTP Proxy?.

The actual FTP session should show up in the Activity screen in WinGate, (and subsequent history entry), and if KAV is set to quarantine infected files (a very good practice) there is the Quarantine viewer in GateKeeper which gives comprehensive details of the infected file including size,user, time, file name etc that was quarantined.

The level of noticfication clients receive varies
If you are using FTP via HTTP (Using a browser) then so long as you have KAV and intercepts enabled on the WWW Proxy, the client should receive a response page informing them of the infection.
Using FTP from the command line you should receive a notice about infected files being blocked by KAV once scanning has finished.

Hope this helps

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