WinGate VPN 2.1.0 now available

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WinGate VPN 2.1.0 now available

Postby adrien » Nov 01 05 11:12 pm

Hello all

Qbik is happy to announce the release of WinGate VPN 2.1.0.

This version solves a number of problems, especially with MTU. Release notes are below.

Version 2.1.0 BUILD 1068
Released: 1 November 2005

1. Routing now works also between two External interfaces. Previously was only between two Internal interfaces

2. Now report packets dropped due to checksum failures to engine (Firewall tab).

3. Fixed problem with SSL connections losing socket notifications causing sessions to hang/time out. Could cause VPN control channel to time out.

4. Fixed problem with routing ICMP packets if pinging the WinGate machine itself was disabled.

5. Fixed policy issue where selecting the "Everyone" user but not setting "Everyone" as ticked could deny access to services.

6. Fixed a problem in the scheduler where some critical events could run repetitively

7. Only show computers in the network pane where these have a NetBIOS SERVER resource

8. Fixed an issue in the User database GUI when using the remote database option. There was a functionality issue with the Synchronise userdatabase on engine start option.

9. Fixed an issue with the autoupdate event in the WinGate scheduler

10. Fixed an issue where deleting certificates from the Server Certificates manager wouldn't work.

11. New functionality added to helpfile with updated DHTML features; including in-page image links and easier layouts

12. Updated helpfile content improvements, including sections for Active Directory, System Messages, Imap server.

13. Several MTU-related driver bug fixes,including fixing Path MTU discovery for tunnel packets, fixing driver-generated ICMP errors for outbound packets over MTU on tunnels.

14. Fixed an issue where if the DHCP service was disabled this wasnt reflected in GateKeeper.

15. Fixed an issue with manual overrides of network interface MTU. It Now responds to changes (increases and decreases) of device MTU.

16. Changed the way the driver analyses MSS and MTU for TCP connections. Simplified handling solves issues where the driver could learn an incorrect device MTU.

17. Fixed a problem in license management, where duplicate product entries would result in duplicate licenses being displayed.

18. Added an option for overriding interface metric. This allows administrators to prioritise routes in the ENS driver (i.e. to specify that one gateway takes precedence over another for NAT traffic).
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