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Postby Charles Silvia » Oct 30 07 10:49 am

PureSight offers various logging options, but it is unclear to me how one views these logs. I cannot find them anywhere on the Gaetkeeper app.
Also, when I use the log server either (port 8010) either from a remote pc or from the Wingate server itself, only th initial screen comes up.

When I try to access the logs, I get a message that I am not authorized to view the logs as the current user. E.g. This from a remote pc:

The website declined to show this webpage
HTTP 403
Most likely causes:
This website requires you to log in.

But the log server provides no means of logging in.

I see note pad log files in \Wingate\Logs but the latest of these is for yesterday.
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Postby adrien » Oct 30 07 7:49 pm

PureSight logs to a folder under the WinGate\Logs folder.

The Log File server (which is a web server) requires authentication based on your policies for that service. Your browser should prompt you for a username and password normally. What browser are you using?

Do you have NTLM or Basic auth enabled? what policy do you have set for the log file server?


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